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Book review: Queen of Storms by Raymond E Feist. (The Firemane Saga Volume 2)

Hey readers!!!

Today’s blog post features one of my favourite authors!!! I’ve been reading Raymond E Feist for a very long time and own pretty much every book so when I heard that the next book in the Firemane Saga was coming out I was very excited!

From Goodreads:Hatushaly and his young wife Hava are living a good life, working to reopen the burned-out Inn of the Three Stars in the prosperous trading town of Beran’s Hill.But there is a great deal more to this bucolic scene than meets the eye. Both Hatu and Hava were raised on the secret island of Coaltachin, and though they may appear to be no more than a young couple in love, preparing for the midsummer festival where their friends Declan and Gwen will be wed, they are in fact assassins on a mission, waiting instructions from their masters in the Kingdom of Night.Moreover, Hatu is the last remaining member of the ruling family of Ithrace – the legendary Firemanes. He dyes his flaming red hair, and has studied to control his dangerous magical powers. But however hard Hatu may be hiding from all those who would seek to use or to destroy him, fate has other plans.Horrific events are approaching Beran’s Hill, bringing death and devastation to the peaceful town as unknown and monstrous forces are unleashed. And nothing will ever be the same again.

Hatu and Hava have very quickly become some of my favourite characters in this series especially Hava, she is fierce and strong and can kill a man with her bare hands. Hatu is the last in a line of a ruling family and is linked to the magic in the world.

Once again I loved this book, Feist has a way of drawing you into the world and even it being book two the world building continues and keeps on expanding.

There is love, adventure, piracy and the search for answers.

I’ve always loves fantasy stories and this once again confirms that for me. The writing can be very descriptive when it needs it and also very fast paced.

You learn more about the magic in the world and the politics that keep everything running behind the scenes.

You also learn the motives behind what is happening in the ruling kingdoms and a lot of the threads from book one are linking up.I enjoyed it so much that I’m having trouble saying how much I loved it but if you enjoy fantasy books I highly recommend you give this series a go!!

Lizbie x

**Many thanks to HarperCollins and the author for the copy of this book. All opinions are my own **

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