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Book review: The Queen’s Tiger by Peter Watt

Hi readers,

I have a new book review today from Australian author Peter Watt. The Queen’s Tiger is a great historical fiction book that spans not only India but also England and Australia during the 1800’s. I love books set in this time period ever since I first read Bernard Cornwall’s Sharpe novels. (Also we played by the amazing Sean Bean!!)

From Goodreads:

Peter Watt brings to the fore all the passion, adventure and white-knuckle battle scenes that made his beloved Duffy and Macintosh novels so popular.

It is 1857. Colonial India is a simmering volcano of nationalism about to erupt. Army surgeon Peter Campbell and his wife Alice, in India on their honeymoon, have no idea that they are about to be swept up in the chaos.

Ian Steele, known to all as Captain Samuel Forbes, is fighting for Queen and country in Persia. A world away, the real Samuel Forbes is planning to return to London – with potentially disastrous consequences for Samuel and Ian both.

Then Ian is posted to India, but not before a brief return to England and a reunion with the woman he loves. In India he renews his friendship with Peter Campbell, and discovers that Alice has taken on a most unlikely role. Together they face the enemy and the terrible deprivations and savagery of war – and then Ian receives news from London that crushes all his hopes…

I really enjoyed this book, I actually read it on a day off from work and didn’t put it down until I had finished it. One of the things that i really enjoyed about this book is the descriptions of the women. All the women in this book are depicted as more than the typical noble woman who goes for tea and cake and simpers at the wealthy gentleman that come to visit. these women are taking charge of their lives within the rules of their times and are attempting to do things that women were not allowed to do. Examples of this without spoilers are Ella and Alice doing and attempting things in medicine that women are not allowed to do.

The story follows on from the first book in the series the Queen’s Colonial however you don’t need to have read this one to be able to follow what is happening which is really handy. The story is quite easy to follow and covers a lot of ground in India as well as England while we don’t visit Australia until the end.

I really enjoyed all the different character interactions and how they were all connected to each other. There are some many connections between the characters, they all intertwine with each other and continually interact. This is interesting as Ian and Samuel are pretending to be each other and the people that they meet that sometimes mistake them for their true selves.

If you like historical fiction or just love Australian fiction I highly recommend you pick this one up.

This is a 4 star read for me and I’d love to know if you have read or want to read this one.

Lizbie x

** Many thanks to PanMacmillian and the author for the copy of the book. All opinions are my own.**

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