Finding my Blogging Community ðŸ’œ

Hey everyone!

I thought it was about time that I talked about the wonderful friends and community that I have found in the blogging community and mainly through Twitter.

When I first started my blog all I really wanted was to talk about books to people who understood how much I love books! (For those who were wondering I REALLY LOVE BOOKS 😛)

It has been during this mutual love of books that I have met some amazing people and a lot of them have been through the amazing The Write Reads over on Twitter. Dave the main man behind this amazing group of bloggers managed to pull together over 100 book bloggers and counting to create amazing blog tours and opportunities for everyone involved.

It is through this wonderful group that I have met people such as Noly and Jamie that I talk to everyday and if we weren’t on opposite sides of the globe I would have met up with them already.

I’ve also made friends with other bloggers all over the world and we regularly talk about all sorts of things, we share and read each others blogs and constantly converse on Twitter. Without Dave and his idea of bringing all these bloggers together I would never have met these wonderful people or read some of the great books or added to the mountain that is my TBR.

I just wanted to write a blog about how much this community means to me and I don’t think that my blog would be the place it is without these people.

Thank you wonderful bloggers and here’s to one day completing the TBR 😂

Jump into the comments and let me know what the community means to you!

Lizbie x.

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