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Shuffle Song Tag

Thanks to Jo over at Online Blanket Fort for the tag. I’ve been wanting to do this one for ages and was going to do it this month whether I was tagged or not 🐊


Set your Spotify (or any other music player you use) to shuffle and post the first 10 songs that come up – whatever they may be.

1. Mamma Mia – ABBA. Ever since the new movie came out I’ve been a bit obsessed….again.

2. Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles. I like blasting this a a loud volume plus some air guitar!

3. The Memory Remains – Metallica. This shows how my tastes vary! Plus who doesn’t love a bit of Metallica!

4. Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine. I first found this song on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and I’ve loved it ever since.

5. I Wonder – Mamma Mia 2 – Here We Go Again soundtrack. I told you, I’m obsessed.

6. Build me up Buttercup – The Foundations. I get a lot of my love of music from my mother, this definitely shows here!

7. Turning Page – Sleeping at Last. This is another one I got from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. More recently it reminds me of Diana and Matthew from A Discovery of Witches.

8. Army of Two – Olly Murs. While not my favourite Olly song, I do like this one.

9. Anywhere – Rita Ora. This song is an earworm and I love it, it’s on constantly.

10. I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift. Love this song, has to be at a loud volume!

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed that, I know I did and thankfully some of my cheesiest songs didn’t pop up!

I’m nominating these lovelies! Janita, Noly, Jamie, Bibi and anyone else who wants to do it!!

Lizbie x.


3 thoughts on “Shuffle Song Tag

  1. Ooooh I’ve never seen this tag before and it looks so fun! My taste in music is vary too πŸ˜‚ One time you’ll heard me listening to indie rock and one time it would be pop and it just changing every time lol.
    Anyway, great post! πŸ’• Would love to try this tag sometime in the month 😬

    Liked by 1 person

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